PP51DooDoo (callmesteam) wrote in your_releases,

Releases for the week of August 27 - September 2

American Head Charge - Feeding
Barlow Girl - Another Journal Entry Chapter 2
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds 40th Anniversary Edition
Black Crowes - Lost Crowes
BT - This Binary Universe
Crossfade - Falling Away
Damage Case - Tyranny
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - What's Goin' On
Dream Theater - Score : XOX
Bob Dylan - Modern Times
Sage Francis - Road Tested 2003-2005
GWAR - Beyond Hell
Hatebreed - Supremecy
Ray LaMontague - Till The Sun Turns Black
Method Man - 4:21...The Day After
Motorhead - Kiss of Death
Napalm Death - Punishment in Capitals
The Pipettes - Meet the Pipettes
The Roots - Game Theory
Salvador - Dismiss the Mystery
Ty Tabor - Rock Garden
Too Short - Blow the Whistle
Vader - Sothis
M. Ward - Post-War
Pete Yorn - Nightcrawler

Desperate Housewives Season 2
South Park Season 8
Arrested Development Season 3
Nip/Tuck Season 3
Will & Grace Season 5
Take the Lead
Friends with Money
Talespin Volume 1
Darkwing Duck Volume 1
Thugaboo - Sneaker Madness
The Tick Vs. Season One
Brother Bear 2
Akeelah and the Bee
Pretty in Pink - Everything's Duckie Edition
Andy Griffith Show Season 7
Epitafios Season 1
Flavor of Love Season 1
Hot Tamale
Mountain Patrol
Stephen King's Desperation
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