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New Releases for Nov. 11 - Nov. 17

Wow... it's been a year since this has been updated. I guess originally, I had hoped people would post stuff that was coming out that they were interested in, but I think I understand now why people joined in the first place... to hear about new releases. The same reason I joined. So, I've done a pisspoor job of keeping you people up to date! With a new MO in mind, I'll start doing better posts. Please forgive me. Now, onto the new releases!



THE HIVES - The Black and White Album
The Black Crowes - Pretty much all of their records are getting the reissue/bonus treatment this week.
Alicia Keyes - As I Am
Dane Cook - Rough Around the Edges
Led Zeppelin - Mothership (Best of)
Celine Dion - Taking Chances
Duran Duran - Red CarpetMassacre
Terry Gross - Fresh Air (several different collections are being released)
Japancakes - Loveless
The Killers - Sawdust (B-sides collection)
Ralphie May - Prime Cut (CD/DVD)
Queensryche - Take Cover (a cover album...)
Car Talk - again, several collections are coming out
Seal - System (hey! he actually named an album!)


Amazing Grace
Ocean's 13
Shrek the Third
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Gilmore Girls: The Complete Seventh Season
It's A Wonderful Life
La Vie En Rose
Melrose Place: Third Season
Paris, Je T'aime
Paul McCartney: The McCartney Years
Pride and Prejudice
The Princess Bride
South Park: Christmas Time In South Park
Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis
Welcome to the Jungle


acefrehley  has you covered here.

But personally... I'm really looking forward to 'Super Mario Galaxy'!

*** All release dates are subject to change. Don't shoot the messenger.***
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