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New Media Release News

New Releases in all forms of media
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All media release dates

This includes the Super Tuesday releases for DVDs and CDs, friday box office openings, comic book Wednesday, and all new PC and console video game release dates.

Feel free to post release dates that are coming several months in the future, along with things we may have overlooked.

I'll try to update the most popular releases each week in movies and music. I'm looking for someone to take the horns reguarding comic books. Keep in mind that there are literally THOUSANDS of releases each week in the US alone, so if something interesting is missing, go ahead and please post about it.


Right now, the rules will be kept to a minimum.
Please, no flaming other users. Be kind.
Please do not post vulgar content. You can post ABOUT vulgar content, but please keep it behind a post or at least somewhat edited (ie. S***, F***, etc.)
Stay on topic. This is a forum for sharing release dates, its a place to excited about new media content, discussions should be kept in comments.

Until we figure out a good way to keep track of everything in an archive (i'd like it to go date by date), please utilize the following tags on your entires, if you think of it,:

MOVIES (as in box office films)

Further information about tags, as well as tag links, are located in the memories.


For friendly conversation, news and especially game reviews of all types; Video, Board, Card, Strategy, Role-Playing, etc. Be sure to check out gamealls .